Usability comes first.

5 tips I keep in mind when using Sass

It's been some time already since I've been introduced to Sass, Though I normally use just Scss syntax. Sass's really nice additional tool and these tips are what I found myself comfortable with and tend to convince people around me to use...

sass stylesheet tips

Upgraded to Octopress 3.0rc

It's been almost a year since I last updated this blog, to me, so many things happened and things are going to flow a lot faster this year. I've decided to do this since last month but I want to upgrade this blog from Octopress 2.0 -> 3.0 and I just didn't feel like I want to do it at that time since I thought it'd mean a lot of works to do the upgrade....

jekyll ruby octopress

Backend once and Client everywhere with Rails-API

Normally when you build a web or mobile application, you will have to build seperate backend because most web framework originally means to generate data along with dynamic HTML templates. But if we think that web application is just a form of native applications and we treat it that way, generate only data and just use static HTML to handle the logic. This way, we can reuse our backend to almost every native applications we want....

backend rails api angularjs

Free and easy static website hosting using Google App Engine and Go's runtime

we're going to host a simple static website without so much pain. Using Go as a server script but fear not, you don't have to learn Go in this post since this post focus on the most simplest and reliable way to host static website....

go website gae hosting