Back to My Own Game, a Freelancer and Family Life.

June 15, 2016

I started my career as a startup and when it failed, I became freelancer that float around to many places. 2 years ago I started working as full-time employee. It’s a good experiences and I think I’d gained something from it a lot. Despite how much I hate commuting in a big city, being in a same venue as one team is a nice feeling.

But I’ve had enough of that now. I think I’ve gained what I want. It’s time to say no to all commuting and such. I’ll go back to being freelancer and spend my time with family with ease.

If you’re not from Thailand or somewhere in this region, you probably think freelancer is not a fine choice since it’s not come with other benefits. But here in Thailand, I could make twice as much freelancing for oversea clients more than being full-time employee.

Freelancer is also a good opportunity to manage my own time and place to be. But it’s come with a lot of cost as well since I’m here in UTC+7 Timezone. That means I have to somehow make my time available at night to support or collaborate with others in Europe/USA. Not to mention that an uncertainty that can happens(such as project’s ending sooner than expected) very easily depending on how clients react unlike being full-time employee.

But this time it won’t be the same with all those past years. I do have some plans to make this a permanent job for me. I’ll start working with toptal first and see how far I can with it.

I’ve heard of this site for quite some time. Stumble upon it while googling on the work and I think the description on the site is quite good. In fact, I really thought it’s too good to be true. An elite community with well-paid jobs with a lot of demand for developers, also nice blogging community as well. And since I have opportunity to join, now is the time to do it an begin my first step back to being full-time freelancer.