Usability comes first.

Easy HTTPS Proxy Using Caddy on DigitalOcean.

If you need a good HTTPS proxies that come with auto Let's Encrypt certificates and already a user of DigitalOcean. Here I've got an easy but solid way to deploy one. Already using this on a production servers with no problem so far.

https proxy digitalocean caddy webserver docker

FizzBuzz First Time.

This is my first time working on FizzBuzz. I've heard of it from other for some time, didn't pay much attention to it. But an acquaintance asked me recently how would I do it if I were to be interviewed. So, this's it.

ruby programming

Back to My Own Game, a Freelancer and Family Life.

I started my career as a startup and when it failed, I became freelancer that float around to many places. 2 years ago I started working as full-time employee. It's a good experiences and I think I'd gained something from it a lot. Despite how much I hate commuting in a big city, being in a same venue as one team is a nice feeling. But I've had enough of that now

work freelance life

Reasons to Build Ruby Methods with Keyword Arguments

Keyword Arguments make building and maintaining Ruby methods easier and clearer than normal method declaration.

ruby method argument

Switch back to vim again.

Unlike most of my programmer friends, my first editor in programming is vi and second is vim as a slightly powerful editor. (I don't know about plugins at that time). C# as a first programming language with mono as a compiler and vim as an editor. vim's like a best friend back then. But when I started working extensively on C#, I embrace VisualStudio as my new editor and tool to work on real application projects.

vim environment editor